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Established in 2002 with the title of Elmas Metal Sanayi with the production of furniture, metal accessory mechanism systems and electrostatic painting systems, it has been the supplier of our furniture manufacturing companies in Kayseri since its establishment.

Elmas Metal Sanayi started to serve in the furniture materials sector as well as the metal sub-industry in 2013. As of its current position, the furniture soft group actively serves in the market with its product range from A to Z in the furniture material supply position. Aiming to meet the needs of its customers in a complete way with foam, textile group, material and metal group products, Elmas Malzemecilik aims to become one of the leading companies in Turkey. It also makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy with its domestic and international activities.

Elmas Group
Activity Fields

As Elmas Group, we provide services on furniture materials, foam and mattress production sectors.

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Furniture Materials

A wide range of products to suit every need

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Healthy beds that understand the language of your body

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Foam production for armchairs, sofas and seating groups

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Knitting, naturalness and weaving quality in upholstery fabric